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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

She's Not in It for the Awards

But when they come Sarah Berkley will accept them in a winning and modest spirit.

Top StoriesIndex-Tribune earns four national awards

10.11.05 - The Sonoma Index-Tribune was recognized in the 2005 National Newspaper Association's Better Newspaper and Better Newspaper Advertising Contests with a total of four awards, including first place for best business story, a feature by I-T reporter Sarah Berkley, titled "Rentals, rentals everywhere."

The national contest judges said Berkley's story was a "well written, well researched piece on an important local issue."

Berkley's story titled "Finding money for school supplies," also earned an honorable mention in the best educational/literacy category.

The judges said of that story that it, "brings to light in a readable way how loss of funding can affect the classroom and how teachers and schools face those challenges. Good writing and reporting."

She adds, "I thought you might like to know
that yours truly, former student Sarah (Franklin)
Berkley was paying attention in class on some
occasions, even when it looked like she was giggling
and playing paper football in the back row with David

In other words, she was multi-tasking.