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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keeping Up with George Sanchez

You should check out The Cancer Blogs where George -- distinguished journalist; distinguished alumnus; wicked vocalist -- is doing some strong writing and some even stronger living.

my attitude is the only one I can conceive as possible and appropriate. from the beginning I was not a victim, but already a survivor. that's the only way, at least how I see it, to move through cancer and gain insight on what is happening to oneself.

if you don't, as far as I can tell, you let yourself become devoured by the cancer.

i don't think war analogies are appropriate either. and certainly my cancer, in comparison to other experiences, is no way similar to a war or conquest.

so along with fighting against positioning myself physically and psychologically as a victim, I have also tried not to get caught up in a 'george versus his cancer' frame of mind. I still don't have the appropriate words to explain why, other than the fact the cancer, welcome or not, is still a part of me and it is a change in my body that will affect my future growth. accepted or not, it is present within me right now. of course, this is much harder to realize than it is said.

I Call Her La Gioconda Because She's a Renaissance Women

Tiffany Maleshefski pauses to say:

I am employed as a tech journalist at eWEEK.com where I review laptops, notebooks, and various other office softare. We podcast, create eVideos for the world to view.

I also publish a bar column every Friday in the SF Examiner, Meet Your Mixologist where I interview different bartenders throughout the city and taste-test cocktails. I also publish weekly art reviews for the Examiner.

I am a regular contributor to the SF Weekly's Sucka Free City Column, and am launching a new column after Labor day on www.sfist.com called Slum of the Week, and it's devoted to my various visits to apartments listed for rent on craig's list and what shitholes they tend to be for astronomical prices.

I am a freelance food and drink writer for Sonoma Magazine. And I also write theater reviews for www.theatermania.com

It's Hard ... But Not as Hard as Moore's Class

Stephanie Luu writes from D.C., where she is spending a semester doing a journalism intensive:

All of the networks here want interns with web and blogging skills. It's kind of strange on how creating a website is now a requirement for journalism. The Journalism Program seems pretty challenging, but nothing compared to Professor Moore's course.

I wish I took Digital Journalism last semester. I got offered two internships at WTTG Fox News and Frontline with Hedrick Smith. I have yet to hear back from MSNBC/Dateline. I can't decide between the two internships. Next week, Bob Schieffer is coming to our class so we can talk and interview him, so that should be exciting. Our professor taught us how to write in third person today for our news stories. I guess a lot of the kids come into the journalism program and write stories in first person.


Ariela Edelson is alive and well in the land of the cod and the bean.

I graduated last year from Northeastern University with a Master’s in Journalism.... Since then I have been freelancing for a Boston-based newspaper in Spanish called El Planeta (www.elplaneta.com). I am also working full time as a communications associate at a non-profit called Screening for Mental Health, where I mainly write press releases about depression, alcoholism, eating disorders, and PTSD.

In fact, USF is one of our clients. They implement our CollegeResponse program!

I am now married and we are starting our 4th year living in Boston this September! I really like it here but only during the summer -- so who knows, maybe one day I’ll move back to beautiful San Francisco

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Toan Lam Bulletin

If any of you are planning to drive into SF this weekend via the surrounding bridges this Labor day weekend, stay away! It's going to be criggity craaaazy!
Check out my story (update) at www.kron4.com There's a video box under the freeway cam on the left of the screen. Click on Officials say Bay Bridge Project Will Finish On Time.

The Eight Pillars of Wisdom

The Young Talent

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Kim Delmore Update

(Self-Employed; 11-50 employees; Real Estate industry)

August 2006 – Present (1 year 1 month)

I represent buyer and sellers in real estate transactions in Hawaii. Specializing in residential sales on the island of Oahu, including condominiums and single family homes in Waikiki, Honolulu and other parts of the island for use as vacation rentals, second homes, investments and primary residences. Delmore Realty's main office is on the island of Maui and I can refer clients to our agents there, as well as agents on the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai. Surf www.delmore.net for all MLS listings in Hawaii!

(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Real Estate industry)

November 2004 – August 2006 (1 year 10 months)

Residential real estate sales on Oahu, Hawaii.

(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Real Estate industry)

July 2002 – November 2004 (2 years 5 months)

Residential real estate sales on the island of Maui, Hawaii

(Public Company; 51-200 employees; E-Learning industry)

July 2000 – February 2002 (1 year 8 months)

Identify office space for facility expansion and oversee leasing process. Manage vendors providing services for corporate and remote facilities.

(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; E-Learning industry)

June 1998 – June 2000 (2 years 1 month)

Identify office space for company headquarters and smaller centers, oversee vendors for office services.


A Jamie Starling Update


(Publishing industry)

Currently holds this position


A Viva Chan Update

(Privately Held; 10,001 or more employees; Financial Services industry)

May 2007 – Present ( 4 months)

Personal planning for: life insurance needs, mortgage protection, estate conservation, college funding, IRA funding, retirement planning, charitable giving

Business planning for: buy-sell funding, deferred compensation, executive bonus, key person protection, voluntary payroll deduction programs, qualified plan funding: SEPs, Keoghs, 401(k)s, pensions

Products offered: Individual life insurance, fixed immediate & deferred annuities*, long term care insurance, health insurance**, disability income insurance**

*Certain annuities issued by New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation
**Products available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality

(Privately Held; 5001-10,000 employees; Insurance industry)

April 2005 – May 2007 (2 years 2 months)

(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; Food & Beverages industry)

August 2002 – March 2005 (2 years 8 months)

(Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Newspapers industry)

May 1999 – August 2002 (3 years 4 months)


Updated University of San Francisco

BA, Media, 19931996

Activities and Societies: Poynter Institute, Flori

A Pat Bhoolsuwan Update


(Broadcast Media industry)

July 2007 – Present ( 2 months)

Reporter and Fill in Anchor for 2 hour morning show, multiple live shots daily. Cover variety of stories and breaking news including wildfires, crimes, and politics. Put together package for prime time news shows daily.

(Broadcast Media industry)

April 2005 – June 2007 (2 years 3 months)

Anchor top rated morning show. Write, shoot, and edit stories for prime time news shows.

(Broadcast Media industry)

June 1999 – June 2005 (6 years 1 month)

News Writer for KRON-TV Prime Time Newscasts. Producer, Editor, and Update Anchor for CNN/MSNBC Cable News Updates.


New University of San Francisco

Bachelor's Degree, Journalism and Poltical Science, 19941998

Graduated Cum Laude. International Student Scholar. Completed TV News Internships All 4 Years of College.

Activities and Societies: Student Government, Campus Newspaper, Honor Society

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top USF Journalism Grad in Recent Merger

By which I mean NBC11 newsperson Vicky Nguyen (USF 2000) has married Brian Dennis (USF 2001). She's a lovely bride, and he's a lovely groom.

KRON-TV's Toan Lam, also a USF journalism grad, was also in attendance. Perhaps, he will provide a play-by-play, never forgetting the inverted pyramid?

A Foghorn Testimonial

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Robertson and Silver at the Major/Minor Fair

kate elston on the front page of the seattle pi

USF journalism student kate elston has a front page story in today's seattle pi. the story is called: "How do panhandlers spend your money?"

congratulations, kate!