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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's Corinna Halloran?

From Back East, Corinna Halloran (J minor, '07) writes:

I am discovering my path. I want to write "non-fiction." I want to create. (Maybe I'll be a creative non-fiction writer). Now this may sound hokey, but I HAVE realized that fate does have A LOT to do with jobs. With the internship at the local weekly and with this photographer position I was at the right place at the right time. I don't know if this will discourage any future students but I think it's pretty exciting. I found the internship at the weekly, because I started talking to a photographer I saw at the beach.

I have another "job offer" with a local start up clothing company to photograph their line. The clothing company I hope to be involved with is a surf clothing line and I found out about it because the "CEO" has known me for a while but more importantly, knows I'm a photographer. So, again... it's all who you know and who sees you doing what you love.

Yes, I did graduate and yes, I am a waitress (as if it hasn't been done before) but I need money. And I am hell bent on not being a waitress after this summer... I'm working towards a "nugget"... so regardless of how nice the fast money is... I refuse to settle and "get comfortable." Continuing on the idea of the nugget/ getting out of waitressing... I am very interested in traveling and crewing on a boat... although someone recently said "that's the beginning of the end."... and I can drink with the journalists but drinking with sailors is a completely different ball game.... so we shall see.

AND THEN, putting my English degree to use, I'm very very interested in becoming TESOL certified. There is a program in Costa Rica that I'm going to apply for in the Fall.

So I have a lot of "plans," I want to try a lot, and I want to experience a lot. Most importantly, I want to be happy with what ever I end up doing. Regardless, I promise to keep you updated. Please please please have any students email me with any questions they have... It would be cool to help out

Corinna can be reached at: c.m.halloran@gmail.com

Where's Tiffany Maleshefski?

She's an editor at Everywhere.com. Romanesko links to the Chron, which explains.

San Francisco Chronicle

Mitchell Fox, who left Conde Nast to oversee 8020 Publishing, says it would cost his former employer millions to send photographers and writers around the world to produce magazines similar to what he's putting out now. The images and short stories that fill 8020's Everywhere travel magazine and JPG photo journal are submitted by readers.

Look Look at the Spring Class in Video Reporting

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maria Dinzeo Covers Her First Press Conference for the Bay Guardian

With a rousing Bay Guardian lead and an AP quote in the second graf.

Blasting Lennar's land grab

By Maria Dinzeo
While we've already dubbed Lennar Corporation "the corporation that ate San Francisco," representatives from five Bay Area environmental organizations today held a press conference to blast the corporation for creating Prop. G to gobble up the rest of Bayview Hunter's Point and Candlestick Point.

Esselene Stancil, a resident of Bayview since the 1950's, says this is nothing new. Change is often promised, but it always falls short. "I have seen many changes in the Bayview, and this change is not for us. We have plenty of parks. What we need is to take care of the one's we have. They promise us houses, but there are no houses being built out there that people will be able to afford."

Here's the link.

Meghedi Nazarian *Associate Editor*

That's her latest promotion at FabSugar, part of the Sugar empire:

The Sugar Network comprises of 15 distinct lifestyle and entertainment sites covering topics that include celebrity, fashion, shopping, beauty, entertainment, food, health and more.

I'm a GeekSugar kind of guy myself, but I don't think I'm part of the demo.

For the rest of you: The Kate Moss Catwalk Competition.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Katie Crozier Is Off to the University of Minnesota at Duluth

Dear Katie,

Congratulations on being accepted to the Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) program for the Fall 2008 semester. The MAPL Review Committee enthusiastically recommended approval of your application. We hope you accept this invitation to participate in what we hope will be a unique educational opportunity.

This program sounds fascinating. Katie did much research before choosing it. We await reports!

Monday, May 19, 2008

News from Jonahlynn

Jonahlynn Sabado writes that she is:

writing press releases for a startup company in Fremont. On my own time I'm also doing freelance writing for Demand Media just to build up my writing skills/portfolio...

Soon after we graduated last year, my sister and I have been working on our own side projects producing slideshows for family events.... We're slowly trying to develop our own business... it makes me wish I had taken up film studies at USF.. but it's okay... I'm learning as I go along... :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Toan Lam Update

Besides working full time at KRON and teaching at USF, another one of my dreams has come true... reporting for PBS! I've always wanted to report for educational TV, since I was a little snot-nosed boy watching Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street... 1-2-3-4-5-6-7...8-9-10!

My story won't air until July, however, there's a promo on the website... www.kvie.org just click on california heartland... stay tuned...
Thanks for watching...


Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Tiffany Maleshefski: I'm Making It Viral

Hi guys,

Most of you know that I am now an editor at a new travel magazine published in good ol' San Francisco. It's called Everywhere Magazine and you can learn more at www.everywheremag.com.

We are a user-generated magazine, which means, our content is written by our readers. Sweet, huh? This is where I need you.

As of this month, we are short on items for a department we call Grand Openings. As you've probably guessed, it highlights new museums, cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. that have recently opened.

All we need from you is a pic and maybe 100 words of copy accompanying AND not only do you get your name in print, you get a $100. EASY MONEY!

So mull over those Flickr Photos, skim that Kodak Gallery, and show me what you got. We'd love something that's in the U.S.


Tiffany has shared a link with you. To view it or to reply to the message, follow this link:

I Like the Way Pat Bhoolsuwan Describes This: 'My First Emmy'

Up there in Reno. But that look from the side!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Katie Crozier is Blogging Again

News and experiences. We anticipate some more good news she'll soon be sharing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Faculty Member is Honored

A Congi Update

Anthony Congi

Anthony Congi
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By Lori Quigley

Anthony comes to Idaho Falls as a reporter after spending his whole life in northern California. He grew up in the small mountain community of Dunsmuir, a town of around 2,000 people near Mt. Shasta. While growing up, Anthony was quite active in sports, lettering in football, basketball and baseball all four years of high school. Anthony started writing for the school newspaper as a freshman and his interest in journalism grew to a passion. As a senior, Anthony was presented the 2003 Bank of America National Academic Achievement Award for excellence in journalism.

After graduating, Anthony left his quiet town and headed for the big city life and attended the University of San Francisco. At USF, he wrote for the school paper and was the announcer at the sporting events for the Dons. Anthony also hosted a show and served as news and sports director, for KDNZ, an all student run radio station. Anthony spent two summers as a sports and news intern for KRCR-TV in Redding, CA. After graduating from USF in May of 2007 with a degree in Media Studies with an emphasis in journalism, Anthony returned to KRCR where he worked as an editor and fill-in news reporter until March 2008.

Though he misses his family and friends in California, he says everyone he's met in Idaho has been very kind and makes him feel right at home. "I'm very excited to report the news here in eastern Idaho and I'm looking forward to both the challenge of the job and meeting new people everyday." In his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing basketball and golf, reading, watching movies and cooking. He's also a huge sports fan and loves to watch his favorite Bay Area teams; the Giants, 49ers, Warriors and his beloved USF Dons.

Anthony is always looking for story ideas and loves hearing from viewers so feel free to drop him an email at anthonyc@kidk.com.

This is a good idea. I should do it for everyone. Point me at your information, and I'll do it sooner rather than later.

Most Recent Sighting of a Migratory 'Bird'

Sunny Lin is alive, well, married and living in Beijing. More information as it becomes available!

Monday, May 05, 2008

How a Young TV Reporter Does the Job

USF grad Anthony Congi -- whom we remember as T.C. -- is a reporter with KIDK-TV in Eastern Idaho. He has a blog where he links to some of his stories, explaining the how, why and why not.

Excellent stuff.