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Monday, September 26, 2005

My Old College Roomie Shares His Wisdom

So I go to post a reply on your blog, surrender my email address that you are no doubt selling to spammers and a friend’s [yours J] and find that I am confined to 300 characters. What do you think I am? A bleeding poet?


So how are you doing?

Yes, I lurk into your blog. Here is what was BANNED by your blog response form. 94 words, 453 characters, 558 with spaces.

Sad But Pretty Damn True reminds me of a conclusion reached by a labor union friend of mine. Here in Detroit the auto 'big 3' have Company-UAW [GM-UAW, etc.] collaborations each occupying large building most famously a recently built large modern structure on the riverfront.

"What actually goes in those places?" I asked.

"Determine the center point of the triangle of their three locations and, if you stand on that spot, I am convinced that all activity, motion, time and meaning will cease." he said.

Welcome to your job young journalists, now pay your dues.

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