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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

USF Journalism's New Best Friend

That would be Eve Batey, Blogging and Interactive Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, who in future days will share wisdom about that mysterious place where blogging and journalism converge. Here's the link to her kingdom.

Eve is:

* a USF alum
* an English major
* that's right, an English major, and one whose only knowledge of journalism is firsthand, that is, from her place of residence in the belly of the beast -- I spent 11 years there but was only partially digested -- for which we will certainly forgive her.

It's my understanding that part of her job is holding the hands of the big ole Chronicle journalists as they dip their tender toes into the wet wild world of blogging. (Her first bit of advice to this blog, I'm sure: less alliteration.)

This is great.

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Eve Batey said...

Aw, thank you, Dr. Robertson. I will say that I did consider myself (and the rest of the staff) at SFist.com journalists -- but this is my first experience in the big bad mainstream media. Perhaps I need someone to hold my hand as I dip my tender toes into the wet wild world of MSM?