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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Summer Internships

Media Studies Kate Elston has been offered a nice one with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, whose future is somewhat uncertain -- but that's a problem for later.

Kate says:

They hire 4 interns for a 10 week program. They assign us to an editor and a reporting team, and we report on stories all summer, from the small things to the big ones. We'll work 8 hour days, the hours ranging on what stories we cover when. They are very flexible and accomodating, so we will be able to go from department to department and try a bunch of different things.

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david silver said...

congratulations kate! i've known some students who have had this internship in the past and they have all learned a ton. let me know if you want some pointers about what to see and do in seattle. congratulations!