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Friday, May 04, 2007

New Links from Old Friends

Jessica Dryden-Cook has her own personal blog where we may find images from her new job. James Sleeman, who passed through Reporting One without suffering permanent harm, is part of the core over at moli.com

Just to remind those of you who haven't been following the "master narrative" of journalism in the Media Studies department: We are putting together a new course to be offered in Spring 2008. It will be called something like "Field Reporting in the Digital Age." Back in the day, I would have called it a broadcast journalism course.

I am encouraging journalism minors who are also Media Studies majors to combine the two programs so that they take audio production and video production for credit in the major -- and, of course, reporting and advanced reporting in the minor, thus creating a "mini" multimedia journalism emphasis. I'll post more about this during the summer.

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Angela Grant said...

That's a good idea. Audio gathering and video shooting skills are so desirable in today's journalism workplace. Before long they're going to be mandatory skills for new hires.