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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles

Do USF Graduates Have a Future


21st Century Journalism?

Tuesday, October 16

7:30 Mingle with alumni journalists

8:00 Panel Discussion

Maier Room in Fromm Hall

A panel of USF alumni, most of whom attended the university within the last ten years, will explain how much credit the university deserves for their success in newspapers, Internet magazines, television news and freelance writing as well as in post-journalism careers.

They will encourage. They will warn. They will speak the truth.

The San Francisco Chronicle, KRON-TV, NBC-11, the San Francisco Examiner and CNET will be represented by USF alumni.

Sponsored by the Journalism Minor in the Department of Media Studies.

7:30 Mingle with Alumni

8:00 Panel Discussion


david silver said...

i'll be there.

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