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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nicole Zaloumis Update

And also a window into what passes for sports commentary in the world of sports blogs.

Nicole Zaloumis, FSN. A newbie when it comes to the area, Zaloumis first blessed us with her presence during telecasts of 2008 Mariners games. Making us forget all about her predecessors–the likes of Rich Waltz, Jim Watson, and Brad Adam–Zaloumis made it fun to watch a 100-loss team. I mean, do you really think fans were tuning in to watch Carlos Silva’s fat ass leave in the third?

Nicole Zaloumis

Nicole Zaloumis

Zaloumis is in her late-20’s and grew up in Danville, CA (also home to ex-Mariner Randy Winn…one of the few things I took away from the players announcing their hometowns during intros back in 2005). She attended the University of San Francisco and was a member of the dance team there (nice poms). She’s trekked around the country looking for broadcasting gigs since graduation, but seems to have found a home (at least temporarily) at the Bellevue studios of FSN. I think we can all appreciate that.


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