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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Own James Tedford, Legendary Foghorn Editor

He's been working on his doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, while working as a course developer in their Distance Learning unit. He writes:

In case you haven’t heard already, Julie and I are moving to Bakersfield. Actually, she has already moved and, as usual, I am trying to catch up. She was hired three weeks ago by a non-profit group, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, that provides free legal services to the poor. Julie will be the attorney in charge of a new unit that serves victims of domestic violence. Before law school, Julie managed a battered women’s shelter; ever since, family law has been one of her top interests.

And it's the fulfillment of a dream for both of us. Since we started dating in 2001, we have intended to commit our lives to advocacy for the marginalized. Before we met, each of us had been convicted by the Bible’s preoccupation with justice for the poor and oppressed. Now we are at a point where, as a couple, we are prepared to take significant action.

And also at a point where I need to finish my dissertation.

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