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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All We Are and We Hope to be We Owe (This Week) to Tiffany Maleshefski

Which is to say that distinguished USF graduate Tiffany Maleshefski supplied the dilemmas below, all based on her own experience. She will be monitoring the comments and will make a final comment.

In the future, I will be asking other friends of USF journalism to moderate this blog for a week.

Volunteering is allowed, of course; actually volunteering is encouraged.


Tiffany Martini said...

I'd like all of you to think of this example as well: you begin reviewing the plays, events, of an African American or Filipino or Chinese (etc.) theater group. Because of low-funding their productions are not only scrappy, the pool of talent they have to choose from is quite smaller than the talent pool of a bigger organization such as A.C.T. When the productions are terrible - what is your role as reviewer? Especially when they've been comping you and you know they need every penny they can get.

Dave Rinehart said...

I think that depends on the review's "angle" - i.e., I think they deserve a feature article to get people who are interested in African-American or Chinese theatre to go see them, without giving an opinion on the productions per se. But if you must give an opinion on the production, there are clever, perfectly ethical ways to work around it, that won't insult the companies and probably still convince people to go. Such as: "with less funding and a smaller pool of talent than bigger organizations allow, [theatre company] has a severe handicap when it comes to putting on big, hard-hitting shows. But they do the best with what they have." Something like that.

But if it was me, I would just pan the production. If it sucks it sucks! And besides, isn't any press good press? (cough cough James Frey cough cough)