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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life Beyond Ramen

Viva Chan was one of our excellent journalism students who did very good work at the San Francisco Business Journal, establishing herself as a journalist, and then said (after ten years in the trenches) , "That was fun. Now what?"

She writes:

I'm almost reaching my 2nd year anniversary with State Farm and just added a second state license under my belt, so that means I can write life ins, health, auto and home policies. I really enjoy what I am doing and building relationships with clients. My past experience in the media field definitely benefits how I interact in my current sales and marketing role. Skills like "keep asking until I get a restraining order."

Here's my biz card ... and I'll be more than happy to send you a free gas card for each referral!

State Farm - Providing Insurance & Financial Services
Viva Chan
Bank Specialist & Personal Risk Advisor, Lic. # 0E86388
821 Folsom St., Ste 101 San Francisco CA 94107
(415) 814.4506
(415) 982.3905 (facsimile)

So many ways to do good work in the world. Now we have a friend in the insurance business.

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