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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

USF Alum Working for Biden in Iowa Becomes Blog Warrior

Hi everyone,

Things are still going well in Iowa! We're getting closer and closer to caucus night and I have good feelings about what will take place!

Something exciting happened the other day: Biden's online communication team was reading my blog and contacted me to see if I would be interested writing for the campaign's official blog, as well, over these last few weeks. They thought readers would be interested in hearing about the campaign from my perspective, working directly with supporters and at the senator's events. Considering my love for both writing and politics, I couldn't have been more excited (or complimented) with such a request.

So, if you go to Joe's official website (www.joebiden.com) you will be able to read the blog, as it is one of the links on the site's main menu. I have yet to post anything as of this morning, but will hopefully be doing so today. Be sure to check back throughout the next few weeks, as they've asked me to write as much as I can and just post at my convenience-- including pictures, too!

Hope all is going well in sunny CA!


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