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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Call Her La Gioconda Because She's a Renaissance Women

Tiffany Maleshefski pauses to say:

I am employed as a tech journalist at eWEEK.com where I review laptops, notebooks, and various other office softare. We podcast, create eVideos for the world to view.

I also publish a bar column every Friday in the SF Examiner, Meet Your Mixologist where I interview different bartenders throughout the city and taste-test cocktails. I also publish weekly art reviews for the Examiner.

I am a regular contributor to the SF Weekly's Sucka Free City Column, and am launching a new column after Labor day on www.sfist.com called Slum of the Week, and it's devoted to my various visits to apartments listed for rent on craig's list and what shitholes they tend to be for astronomical prices.

I am a freelance food and drink writer for Sonoma Magazine. And I also write theater reviews for www.theatermania.com

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