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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Hard ... But Not as Hard as Moore's Class

Stephanie Luu writes from D.C., where she is spending a semester doing a journalism intensive:

All of the networks here want interns with web and blogging skills. It's kind of strange on how creating a website is now a requirement for journalism. The Journalism Program seems pretty challenging, but nothing compared to Professor Moore's course.

I wish I took Digital Journalism last semester. I got offered two internships at WTTG Fox News and Frontline with Hedrick Smith. I have yet to hear back from MSNBC/Dateline. I can't decide between the two internships. Next week, Bob Schieffer is coming to our class so we can talk and interview him, so that should be exciting. Our professor taught us how to write in third person today for our news stories. I guess a lot of the kids come into the journalism program and write stories in first person.


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