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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maria Dinzeo Covers Her First Press Conference for the Bay Guardian

With a rousing Bay Guardian lead and an AP quote in the second graf.

Blasting Lennar's land grab

By Maria Dinzeo
While we've already dubbed Lennar Corporation "the corporation that ate San Francisco," representatives from five Bay Area environmental organizations today held a press conference to blast the corporation for creating Prop. G to gobble up the rest of Bayview Hunter's Point and Candlestick Point.

Esselene Stancil, a resident of Bayview since the 1950's, says this is nothing new. Change is often promised, but it always falls short. "I have seen many changes in the Bayview, and this change is not for us. We have plenty of parks. What we need is to take care of the one's we have. They promise us houses, but there are no houses being built out there that people will be able to afford."

Here's the link.

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