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Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Tiffany Maleshefski: I'm Making It Viral

Hi guys,

Most of you know that I am now an editor at a new travel magazine published in good ol' San Francisco. It's called Everywhere Magazine and you can learn more at www.everywheremag.com.

We are a user-generated magazine, which means, our content is written by our readers. Sweet, huh? This is where I need you.

As of this month, we are short on items for a department we call Grand Openings. As you've probably guessed, it highlights new museums, cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. that have recently opened.

All we need from you is a pic and maybe 100 words of copy accompanying AND not only do you get your name in print, you get a $100. EASY MONEY!

So mull over those Flickr Photos, skim that Kodak Gallery, and show me what you got. We'd love something that's in the U.S.


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