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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's Corinna Halloran?

From Back East, Corinna Halloran (J minor, '07) writes:

I am discovering my path. I want to write "non-fiction." I want to create. (Maybe I'll be a creative non-fiction writer). Now this may sound hokey, but I HAVE realized that fate does have A LOT to do with jobs. With the internship at the local weekly and with this photographer position I was at the right place at the right time. I don't know if this will discourage any future students but I think it's pretty exciting. I found the internship at the weekly, because I started talking to a photographer I saw at the beach.

I have another "job offer" with a local start up clothing company to photograph their line. The clothing company I hope to be involved with is a surf clothing line and I found out about it because the "CEO" has known me for a while but more importantly, knows I'm a photographer. So, again... it's all who you know and who sees you doing what you love.

Yes, I did graduate and yes, I am a waitress (as if it hasn't been done before) but I need money. And I am hell bent on not being a waitress after this summer... I'm working towards a "nugget"... so regardless of how nice the fast money is... I refuse to settle and "get comfortable." Continuing on the idea of the nugget/ getting out of waitressing... I am very interested in traveling and crewing on a boat... although someone recently said "that's the beginning of the end."... and I can drink with the journalists but drinking with sailors is a completely different ball game.... so we shall see.

AND THEN, putting my English degree to use, I'm very very interested in becoming TESOL certified. There is a program in Costa Rica that I'm going to apply for in the Fall.

So I have a lot of "plans," I want to try a lot, and I want to experience a lot. Most importantly, I want to be happy with what ever I end up doing. Regardless, I promise to keep you updated. Please please please have any students email me with any questions they have... It would be cool to help out

Corinna can be reached at: c.m.halloran@gmail.com

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