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Friday, August 25, 2006

Dee-Jade Chock Might Enjoy an Encouraging Word

Dee-Jade Chock is a 2000 USF Media Studies grad with an emphasis in journalism, who worked on our short-lived university magazine back in the day and whose expertise in QuarkXpress led me to bring her back as Quark coach for several copy editing classes. She was a good student and a better person -- and she really was a good student, so you get my point.

She's been fighting cancer since her since her first year at USF, and right now the prognosis is pretty tough. If any of you want to send an encouraging word or share a memory, I'll be glad to forward any messages.


Patrick Lagreid said...

Dee-Jade --

I hope you're doing well -- not sure if I had the KDNZ logo revised 16 or 17 times, but I appreciated it every time we made a tweak to it. Last time I was on campus, the postcards were still up by the bookstore!

Take care -- my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Pat Lagreid '00

L. Shu said...

Hey Dee,

It has been a while, but I'm thinking of you during this tough time. You've always been strong in your battles, so I know you'll get through this.

As for Friendster, I'm no longer checking that so that's probably why you haven't hear from me. I'm on MySpace now, so look me up.

All the best,


Toan Lam said...

Dee Jader!

My thoughts, prayers, and good energy your way! I'm praying for you and remember... trust in the Lord and he shall provide... he is the way.


email me: toanlam@gmail.com to let me know how you're doing--talked to Erica Lopez recently, she said she visited you, hope you had fun... and pat and les, how the heck are you guys doing, hope you are well too!?