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Friday, August 11, 2006

introductions: david silver


my name is david silver. beginning in fall, i will be an assistant professor of media studies at the university of san francisco. before USF, i was an assistant professor of communication at the university of washington and before that i taught for a year at georgetown university. my interests and obsessions usually revolve around new media, especially when it's used in creative ways.

i blog at silver in sf. back in the day, i blogged at silver in seattle.

for me, it's quite exciting to tap into the journalism / media studies community here at USF and i'm thrilled that we can use this blog to talk, swap ideas, gossip, play, and network.

oh, and if you're on campus these days, please visit the fifth floor of the university center and say hello.

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Patrick Lagreid said...

Welcome aboard David -- I wish you all the best!

Patrick Lagreid
USF '00