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Friday, August 18, 2006

Like the Prophets of Old, George Sanchez Heads for the Desert

Where he'll be lead reporter on The Arizona Daily Star's education team, covering Tucson Unified School District 1 as well as writing about education policy and procedure across the city. George says the paper wanted someone who can produce plenty of enterprise stories.

The Daily Star has a circulation of more than a hundred thousand, about three times that of the Monterey Herald. George says he's following my advice: "Go as high as you can as fast as you can, burnout, and then go live in the woods."

That was actually a joke.

But this is no joke: Congratulations, George!

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vrinda normand said...

yay! go george! we'll miss you! by the way, i liked your piece on chicano punk rockers for metro. it made a great cover. i'm so glad we caught you for a bit of freelancing before you go south. good luck! keep in touch...

ps to the webmaster, how do i retreive a forgotten password?