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Monday, August 21, 2006

A Toan Lam Update and Recommendation

Friends, family and colleagues,

Great news! Along with my reporting duties w/ Pacific Fusion, a nationally and internationally syndicated show (also on ImaginAsian TV), that focuses on the flair of Asian-American lifestyles; food, fashion, people stories, I recently joined a show, Medium Rare, as a host, reporter and on-line critic, that acknowledges women and people of color in film and TV. It's broadcast on local cable in New York, San Francisco and Berkeley--see RareMedia.org for showtimes and such). We're trying to get it syndicated so that we can continue our steadfast mission: To set up a platform for such artists to showcase their work.

Some of the greatest rewards from my profession as a magazine show host/reporter/journalist is that I get to meet such fascinating people with real stories to tell and real talent. Many times, they are not stories that we see in mainstream media, which tend to fill our heads and lives with skewed images of a reality that many of us are not privy to and frankly doesn't accurately represent who we are as Americans.

With that said, it is with great pride that I send this mass e-mail (about) two dynamic, talented women, "Red Doors" Director, Georgia Lee, and Actor/Co-Producer, Mia Riverton, whom I befriended at the San Francisco Asian Film Festival this year. Red Doors is scheduled to be released theatrically across the US on SEPTEMBER 8TH (in New York and on September 22 in San Francisco.) This story is sure to touch you, regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference, race etc. It's a story with universal meaning. I've watched it 3 times, so please make sure to catch it and e-mail all your friends.

Good luck Mia, Georgia and the rest of the Red Doors gang! Please contact me about getting the word out on Medium Rare!

See you at the silver screen!


Toan Lam

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